"In a Domestic Partnership (It’s Complicated)"

Exhibition Dates: Thursday May, 10th - Saturday May, 19th

Opening Reception: - May 10th, 7-9 PM

 Janet Lauren Hill, mixed media installation, 2017

Janet Lauren Hill, mixed media installation, 2017

It is impossible to deny that our current state of reality is imbued with anxiety. Social conventions and domestic affairs are at the center of concern and debate—it is a difficult task to thwart the permeation of the anxieties of the outside world into our own homes and bodies. It is no wonder that post-modernism’s depiction of the human body has been abstracted so far from Michelangelo’s David.

The three artists in this exhibition do not necessarily seek out the portrayal of the human body in it’s most idealized form, the body can be employed as a symbolic device to comment on the social conventions of our current state of reality. Janet Loren Hill’s sculptural work creates its own physical space through the embellishment and fragmentation of male and female forms, permitting a voyeuristic view of her marriage and domestic life. Art historically, the figure’s domestic dwelling has often been confined within the boundaries of a canvas; Will Suglia’s cramped and crouching figures blur the boundaries between body and space, creating a direct tension between the form and the limitations of the canvas. Alicia Applegate’s direct gestural drawings bring to light how much technology has permeated into our collective domestic lives.

Through fragmentation, exaggeration, and simplification of the human form in various degrees of domestic space, these artists’ works are representative of American postmodern cultural anxieties regarding the state of humanity, the body, and the space it resides in.

This pop-up exhibition is curated and produced by students in Massachusetts College of Art and Design’s Professional Practices course taught by Susan Metrican.