"Code-Stitch: Resistance in APPAREL"

Exhibition Dates: March 16th - April 28th, 2018

Opening Reception: - March 16th, 7-10 PM

How’s Howard? is pleased to present Code-Stitch: Resistance in Apparel, a three-person exhibition featuring work by Melanie Bernier, Katarina Riesing and Sophie Treppendahl. Code-Stitch: Resistance in Apparel highlights artistic practices rooted in feminism, gender identity and the #MeToo movement. Articulated through painting, sculpture and embroidered apparel, these three female-identifying artists tackle socio-political agendas and construct a united voice in response to gender-based prejudice and discrimination.
Driven by her social practice and a desire to maintain a zero-waste lifestyle, Melanie Bernier introduces objects responding to the deconstruction and re-formation of secondhand garments. A pointed reference to sexual abuse advances through the sculptural representation of objects that possess a call-and-response attribute. A whistle, snare drum and deflated ball are constructed from clothing and embroidered with the text "No" or "Oh Well" onto their surfaces.
Katarina Riesing’s work includes erotic painting and stitched images on silk, as well as embroidered imagery and text on vintage jean jackets and a white sports bra. Yonic shapes and images of nipples and eyes entice the viewer while disembodied hands and fingers seem to assert the message: BEWARE. This push and pull interaction with the viewer speaks to the complexity in owning ones strength in seduction and sexuality.
Sophie Treppendahl reflects on ideas of self-representation and identity through paintings of borrowed articles of clothing. Described through a garment’s specificity for gender and it’s ability to display personality, a transcendent portrait is created- one that is able to more accurately and openly describe self-representation, free from gender-based assumptions and stereotypes.