Garbage Necklace and Other Things

An exhibition examining artistic practices rooted in the production of multiples.

Exhibition Dates - Nov. 3rd - Nov. 25th, 2017.

Opening Reception - Nov. 3rd, 6-9 PM


How’s Howard? is pleased to present "Garbage Necklace and Other Things", a presentation of artist books, editions and objects in multiples. These non-linear, non-narrative artist books on view alter
the expectation of how an individual experiences time and space, through physical interaction with particular objects that are called books. Other select works implement applications and mark-making techniques rooted in the methodology of printmaking and object replication.

Participating artists include Marlon Forrester, Garrett Gould, Robin Dash, Maria Molteni, Lee Tusman, Nica Horvitz, Josh Blackwell, Extra-Vitamins, Creepy Gals, David Dash, Tullah Dash, John Robert Roy, Robin Holcomb, Sean O'Connor, Ariel Freiberg and Rebecca Ness.

I am excited to announce that How's Howard? is soon to be in residence at The Distillery building in South Boston. Please join us for our inaugural exhibition at The Distillery in the new year.

John Roy

Director and Curator